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In these contentious times, it sometimes seems needlessly quarrelsome to admit to a partisan bias. We Dryden Democrats have thought long and hard about why we chose one party over the other. We believe that there is an essential difference between the major parties--not an insurmountable barrier, but a distinct difference in how we view the world and our place within it.

As Democrats, we believe that the problems of our neighbors are our problems and that the future of any child is our future, too. We believe in that “more perfect union” promised by the preamble to our Constitution; we are eternal optimists. We believe in open government and personal privacy. We believe that the people are the government, and that participation is crucial to the preservation of freedom.

We may be Democrats because our parents were or because we changed our minds after years of living and learning. Some of us are lifelong Dryden residents; some of us chose Dryden from a wealth of options; and some of us just landed here, looked around, and liked what we saw. We are Democrats because the phrase “justice for all” speaks to us, because we believe in fairness and family, because we believe in the right of all Americans to live in dignity and in the people-driven potential of government to see that they do.

Why are YOU a Democrat? Join us, and share your vision for our town, state, and country.

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  1. EVOLVing democracy:
    A Constitutional CALL for cROWDOCRACY to restore community Self-Government
    (Why Voting “YES” For A New York State Convention Is A Bold And Necessary Proposition)

    In the Northeast, temperatures are dropping, the Fall foliage is falling and October baseball has culminated to its ultimate series ending game seven as the Houston Astros and Los Angeles Dodgers waged a war of attrition in the 2017 World Series. However, another battle has been brewing but it isn’t baseball, instead, it will take place on another playing field. On Tuesday, November 7, New Yorkers will have an opportunity to hit a political grand slam of their own by getting a chance to vote for “Proposition 1,” a referendum to convene a state Constitutional Convention in 2019. Why is such a political endeavor so significant? Because it offers the populous a rare political opportunity to propose bold state Constitutional Amendments like abolishing corporate constitutional rights at the state level that subverts municipal home rule and instead have a chance to propose community constitutional rights to legalize ecological sustainability. This is the people’s best and maybe last in-a-20-year-chance on the state level at stopping conglomerates from stripping local communities (especially in upstate New York) of the power to adopt and enforce local laws that come into direct conflict with decisions made by corporations that want to exploit our communities for various destructive and unsustainable projects. And solely relying on career politicians, business interests and lobbying groups to continue to wield their uncontested power and influence through politics as usual that only serves the irresilient status quo is pure lunacy and an abdication of our rights and responsibilities as not only New Yorkers but American citizens born from the very same process of a constitutional convention that gave birth to our nation.
    After all, such audaciousness is much more easily implementable at the state level than on the national scene. But most Democrats, Liberals and Progressives are cowering at the current opportunity before them with the pro-posed New York Constitutional Convention and instead offering only false arguments that foster unrealistic speculations and unfounded fears as lame excuses not to be bold. This is why Liberals lose and the problem with progressives in general—their lack of vision, courage and conviction when it’s needed the most. This is why I am going from being a registered Democrat, which has de-evolved to be fundamentally just an “anti-this” and “anti-that” political party to an Independent voting “YES” for a state Constitutional Convention. It is my hope that the following passages will persuade you the reader to get off the political “bench,” so-to-speak, and step up to the plate to seize this monumental moment to become a profound player by taking a swing for the much needed swift and sweeping social change in New York state and potentially act as a positive catalyst for comprehensive change for the rest of the country and even the entire world considering the urgency of our times.