Monday, November 20, 2017

Campaign Recap, and on to 2018

Please plan to join us at 12 South Street, 7:30 Monday 11/27, to recap Campaign 2017, look forward to the village campaign, and meet someone interested in running in November 2018.

Monday, November 6, 2017


Joe Osmeloski informs us that his wife's is the only Osmeloski name on the lawsuit filed against Sun8 and the Town of Dryden. On the card pictured below, which went to west side Dems and Blanks, we mistakenly suggested that a candidate was suing the town, but it appears that only the candidate's wife is doing so, and not on the candidate's behalf. The Dryden Democrats regret the error.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Bruno Says/Fact Is


1. Trouble seeing these? Go to and search for yourself.



4. From communication with County Attorney Jonathan Wood:

Back in 2015, they were looking at the whole way we would use the site in the future. Real issue was an evaluation of that land for county uses.

Such as: • Maintaining the leachfield area for runoff (required by DEC). They marked off where that would be. • Also considering having a spot for food waste – new state law will require institutions (e.g., supermarkets, restaurants) to recycle food scraps. Will dramatically increase the volume of food scraps, so we’ll need that space for much larger volume of compost. • Then they considered what leftover space could be used for solar? not that much. Some wetlands there too.

Later, Solar City looked at the site and determined that it wouldn’t work. The biggest issue is that it really doesn’t have good electric connections. Overall it’s “…not a good solar site at all.” They said it’s not worth thinking about.