Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Protecting Dryden


Dryden is submitting petitions this week for candidates running on the Protecting Dryden independent line, including 424 signatures for town candidates, nearly twice the 218 number of signatures required.
“We have run on this line since the fracking debate,” explains Dryden Democratic Chair Jim Gustafson. “When we started, ‘Protecting Dryden’ referred to protecting our environment from invasive hydrofracking, but the definition has expanded. Not only are our candidates protecting Dryden from economic and environmental decline, but they hope to protect Dryden’s future by growing our economy, investing in local infrastructure, and promoting Dryden’s tourism and recreation resources. And we still intend to protect Dryden’s environment through affordable community solar and promotion of green, zero-carbon commercial and residential development.”

All of Dryden’s Democratic candidates will also run on the Protecting Dryden line. They include Martha Robertson and Mike Lane at the county level and Jason Leifer, Dan Lamb, Kathy Servoss, and Rick Young for town positions.

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