Thursday, September 22, 2011

Election Issue #3: The Lawsuit

This is part of Election Issue #1, of course. The town of Dryden is being sued by Anschutz, a gas drilling company that recently bought up many of the local leases. Anschutz, led by ultra-conservative multi-billionaire Philip Anschutz, alleges that Dryden has overstepped its authority in strengthening its zoning code to clarify that gas drilling counts as an example of the heavy industry our town does not want within its borders. Dryden insists, as all municipalities who have instituted such a ban do, that towns have the right to zone as they see fit. Here is the actual complaint.

It's worth asking why Anschutz chose Dryden over the other places that have banned gas drilling. Certainly the hope of influencing an election is among the driving forces. Unlike other localities with a similar ban, Dryden has a race that divides neatly between pro- and anti-fracking slates--or so it seems.

Sadly, because two out of three of our candidates are incumbents, they may not speak out on the lawsuit. It is up to the electorate to educate itself on the issues and to ask the right questions: Do Henry Kramer and his Safe Energy group speak for the GOP candidates? What do the candidates really think about the ban and the lawsuit? It's impossible to tell from their public presence so far.

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  1. If it's true that Henry Kramer brought this lawsuit on the Town, seems to me we should send him the bill for the legal expenses instead of the taxpayers. What a shame the rails have been removed from the railroad bed here in Varna...they'd be useful for running him out of Town on.